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Workshops & Training

Copywriting Workshops & Training

As an experienced copywriter and author, I am your reliable partner for educational, effective copywriting workshops and trainings.
In concrete terms, I offer workshops on the topics

  • Content Marketing (strategy, implementation)
  • White Paper
  • SEO Articles
  • Case Studies / Success Stories

Personally, writing has always inspired me, but it’s little wonder that many people over the years lose the joy of writing or never develop completely.
At school, the focus is usually on predefined topics along strictly defined text types. Oh and then please be as precise as possible to the word length #XY. Above or below, there are deductions…
Although academic writing is taught at universities, it is rarely taught well. Overworked assistant professors and rigid curricula require numerous, often rarely read seminar papers.

> > > You would like workshops or trainings on the subject of content marketing, blogging or SEO articles for your company? Please contact me for a non-binding offer.?

The focus is mostly on the standardization of writing – as uniformly as possible and strictly according to predefined text templates. However no one ever teaches us the process of writing. We don’t learn how to tap into our creativity and develop our own unique style of writing.
For this reason, I always follow the 4S formula in my workshops – whether they are on how to write white papers, how to create SEO articles or case studies.

The 4S Formula for Creative and Effective Copywriting

1. State
Before you learn about the factual content, you will discover the pleasure of writing in playful and practical little exercises, because: in the right state, the writing just flows naturally and goes easily.
2. Seriousness
Just as the writing process should be creative, the content must be straightforward and credible, especially in B2B communication.
You’ll learn…

  • How to use external sources to increase your credibility
  • Where you will always receive the latest and most relevant data and studies (completely free!)
  • 2 simple tricks with which you halve your research work in half!

3. Structure
After you have rediscovered the playful ease of writing and gathered the necessary data, you have to give it a form.
This is why we go through the clear structure of the document to be written in the third step: B2B communication, whether white paper, SEO articles, or case studies follow certain rules and a clear structure that your readers also expect.
4. Specificity
Numerous studies have shown that learning success is always highest if we immediately put into practice what we just learnt.
Therefore, I ask you to bring your current writing project to the workshop. In the workshop, we are working directly on your practice projects so that you can get even more value out of the workshop.
Thus, the workshop offers the highest practical relevance and a guaranteed learning transfer. By limiting the workshop to a maximum of 10 people, individual support is possible almost like in individual coaching.

Company-specific training and workshops

You want to conduct a specific training course or content marketing workshop for your department or employees?
For a group of 4 or more, I will gladly develop a tailor-made workshop for your company.
Just ask, without any commitment, and tell me which specific topics or goals the workshop should achieve for your employees.
Workshops can also be organized in the course of more extensive measures such as the development of a content marketing strategy, repositioning of a brand or the relaunch of a company website.

> > > You would like workshops or trainings on the subject of content marketing, blogging or SEO articles for your company? Please contact me for a non-binding offer.?