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  • You already have raw text, which could use a little refinement?
  • You have put your expertise down on paper and now want someone else to check grammar, stylistics and spelling?

Have you already created content that should be reviewed by an expert editor?

Depending on your needs, I will assist you with the services of proofreading, copy editing or expert editing (business, marketing, business psychology, IT).

What is the difference between proofreading and editing? What types of editing do you offer?

Let’s take a look at the following example:
For Greece, however the advance is extremely late. Even rapid controlled reforms will no longer be able to effect a great chance at this late stage.

Proofreading – Corrects Mistakes in Spelling, Grammar

As any attentive reader will already have noticed, the above text needs some corrections. In proofreading, a text is examined for aspects such as grammar, punctuation (punctuation), and spelling. After the correction has been carried out, the sentence is as follows:
For Greece, however, the advance is extremely late. Even rapid, controlled reforms will no longer be able to effect a great change at this late stage.

Editing – Verifies meaning and statement

However, there are still semantic and content errors.
The editing goes a step further than mere proofreading: the editor reads the text and considers the message and the meaning of the sentence as well as the meaning of the entire written text. Adjectives and nouns are often not adapted to one another, as in this case, for example, “rapid reforms”.
Reforms themselves can not be rapid, they can only be implemented rapidly. The second sentence also contains an anaphora. In addition, it would be semantically incorrect to speak of a “great change” (inappropriate implications, ambiguity), but of a “major change”.
If proofreading and editing have been carried out, also referred to as the copy editing, the original sentence is as follows:
For Greece, however, the advance is extremely last-minute. Even rapidly implemented, controlled reforms will no longer be able to affect a major change at this late stage.

Expert Editing – Comprehensive Services for Expert Authors

For technical texts, such as white papers, guidebooks or study reports, however, we recommend the most detailed format: expert editing. In doing so, the lecturer does not just look at single sentences but always considers meaning and statement of the entire text.
The entire structure, argumentation, and weighting of individual areas to each other is considered, as well as possible gaps, deficiencies, repetitions or contradictions are determined. You will get a comprehensive and detailed feedback on your text.
Due to the intensity of the discussion of the text, you should anticipate a longer period of time and several exchanges when selecting the expert editing service. In close cooperation with us, we will make sure to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Make Your Texts Ready for Publication

I will be happy to assist you with the correction and the editing of your texts and papers – individually and tailored to your needs.
Depending on the progress and scope of your texts, I recommend the services

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Expert editing

Do not hesitate – your texts deserve a final review to finally be ready for publication.
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