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Buy High Quality SEO Articles

As an experienced SEO writer, I offer you comprehensive services for creating professional SEO articles that improve your rankings on Google and other search engines.
I strive to write SEO articles that

  • Impart valuable content to the reader
  • Create real value to your target group and
  • Have positive effects on your search engine rankings.

It is not surprise that the American marketing legend Seth Godin states „Content is the only marketing that is left.“ Professional SEO texts are one of the most effective tools for successful content marketing.
It was not always like that. Just a few years ago, keyword-stuffed, poorly structured, even unreadable articles dominated the websites and landing pages of the World Wide Web.
When Google significantly improved its algorithm for the determination of rankings, with the updates Panda (rollout in 02/2011) and Penguin (1.0, rollout in 04/2012), the days of bad SEO articles had finally arrived.
If you want to make it to the highly-contested search results on Google Page #1, you need high-quality and unique content.

What is an SEO article? And why do I need such SEO articles?

Your web page needs to meet two objectives:
1. For one, it needs to be optimized for search engines so that visitors can find your site.
2. At the same time it has to provide the reader with the information he is looking for in an exciting and enlightening manner. Professional SEO texts combine the two. To achieve this, 5 principles have to be followed when creating SEO-optimized content.

Considering the appropriate, relevant keywords

In order for your content to be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., keywords (keywords) with high search volume have to be integrated. If the user’s search terms match with your content, this improves your ranking (your posts will continue to appear in the search results above) for that specific keyword. As a result, you generate more organic traffic to your posts and website.

Creation of unique, relevant content

This is the nerve center of content marketing. With SEO articles too, it is important to create meaningful and informative content, which provides exactly the information which your visitors are searching for. Relevant means that the content matches exactly to the keywords (= used keywords). Unique means both to stand out from competitors and to not duplicate any other content!

Heading to structure the text

Search engines crawl your websites running a software called a “spider”. This spider analyzes your website and posts by inspecting its HTML code. By using the most important keywords in headings (headings such as


tags), you help search engines to better recognize the specific topic of your posts.

Optimizing Post Titles and Meta Description

If your posts and pages are shown in the search results, it is the title and the description (meta description), which, if skillfully formulated, lead the user to click. Effective titles and description thus help generate organic SEO traffic.

Reader-friendly design and layout

If the user has been led to the page, the user must find a reader-friendly post! With images, infographics, short paragraphs and sufficient space, your content becomes more easily digestible and even more convincing to your target audience.
As a professional SEO copywriter I am your reliable partner for web texts – independent of the subject area.

My services include:

  • Extensive keyword research: which keywords should be used in your texts?
  • Processing of relevant content: (also gladly include already existing content of your company)
  • Creation of articles between 350-1000 words length (depending on the topic and the need for explanation)
  • Proofreading and
  • 2 revision rounds (typically one is already sufficient)ist)

Whether you already have specific topic proposals or structured content with content plan, or simply know “I need more content for my website …”

Contact me now and let us discuss more details. You will receive a tailor-made offer specific to your individual needs.
Get ready for top rankings and lots of free traffic!…“