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The Ultimate How-To Guide For Effective SEO…For Free!

“We need more free traffic! Our Google rankings are horrible, we need to improve them – soon!” Surely, you’ve also talked about SEO measures for your business website. But what does SEO actually mean? And how does it really work? In this 16 page strong e-booklet you will learn:

  • How to identify exactly those keywords that will help you to easily attract high-quality traffic to your website
  • How to achieve top rankings in Google Images with a simple, little-known trick (100% allowed)
  • What you need to take into account when linking your posts on your website (most companies overlook this detail and sabotage their own success

In short: It contains EVERYTHING you need to know about SEO. And: how to optimize your blog for Google in no time – easy, fast and effectively! And all this completely WITHOUT agency or coding skills…

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11 Power Words, That Are Guaranteed To Sell!


What is the secret to writing a really good sales text? Structure? Appealing graphics? Convincing testimonials and reviews? Of course they all help. But the ultimate magic is even more fundamental: words. But not just any words, but powerful, moving words: Power Words! My analysis of more than 200 of the most successful landing pages and advertisements has revealed a list of 11 power words.

In this free e-booklet you are going to learn:

  • The 11 most effective power words for sales letters that are guaranteed to sell
  • A precise explanation of why they work (and which psychological triggers they fire off)
  • Concrete examples and 1:1 sample phrases which you can copy to integrate these words IMMEDIATELY into your texts

Claim your exclusive e-booklet now and give your promotional text that extra edge with the 11 power words that are guaranteed to sell.

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