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Business Blogging

Business blogging describes the creation of blog posts by a company (usually by individual contributors) on its own company blog.

While blogs have already been popular for individuals or around a particular topic/niche, it was only in recent years that business blogging has become an essential part of the content marketing strategy – for startups, SMEs and corporations alike.

Reasons for the growing relevance of business blogging

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Company presentation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

On a technical level, business blogging is important because Google loves dynamic content like blog posts. As such, Google recognizes if you are regularly adding new posts, alerting its spiders to index your website more often.

The result: your website achieves higher rankings, you get more traffic to your website.

  • Company presentation

On your company blog, you have the great opportunity to present yourself and your company exactly as you would like to be perceived by your customers. Because: You have full control over your content. Instead of being dependent on classical, often expensive PR work or reports in established media outlets (“paid media”), you can design the content yourself.

With business blogging – in copy, possibly with videos, podcasts or infographics – you can also show customers more personality and appeal to customers more authentically.

  • Brand Awareness

Business blogging offers your company the potential to achieve much more reach for your posts, which can also be reflected in the popularity of the brand.

To take full advantage of your business blogging, you should combine it with social media marketing. Share your blog posts via social media.

Regularly updated, highly relevant content is a great incentive for users to follow your company profiles, but at the same time bring new and recurring traffic to your website. As a result, you gain increased brand awareness and your offerings can be better taken into account in purchasing decisions.

Benefits of effective business blogging

The advantages of business blogging are especially: reduced costs, expert positioning with the target group and better search engine rankings, which lead to higher traffic numbers.

  • Reduced costs:if you achieve your target reach with your blog contributions, unnecessary high costs for advertising campaigns, intensive sales campaigns or PR campaigns are eliminated.
  • Expert positioning:: the best corporate blogs are those that convey knowledge and at the same time show a personal touch. Business blog posts are usually 750-1250 words in length, providing tips and information about current industry or business topics that are of high relevance to your customers (and potential customers).
  • Higher rankings -> more Traffic: as mentioned previously, you are regularly evaluated by new entries on your blog, also by search engines like Google, which leads to your website being found and visited more frequently. As a result, you get more (free …) traffic to your website.

Support for your business blogging

However, there are numerous reasons why it may be difficult for companies to manage a blog and regularly publish new, valuable content.

As a startup, you are often so busy with innovations, tests, investor search and meetings, and training new staff that there is hardly any time left to use its own blog. This way, startups are missing out on an excellent opportunity to generate cost-effective reach and create brand awareness.

SMEs typically focus on regional ties and established customer relationships, while social networks are often avoided or only used with extreme caution. Due to multiple responsibilities per employee, there is often no responsible employee to manage and implement a business blogging strategy effectively and consistently.

In large companies and corporations business blogging is faced with its own challenges. Group-wide guidelines must be adhered to and a uniform corporate image must be communicated. At the same time, internal resources are tied into a dynamic, global environment with constant change processes and clear responsibilities are rarely assigned. An increasing number of large companies therefore prefers to work with competent external partners to implement their content strategy and business blogging professionally.


Your partner for professional business blogging

Whether startup, SME or established company: I am happy to provide you with my services as a competent partner for business blogging. Regardless if you need individual posts, or a long-term cooperation and administration of the entire blog – let us discuss your next step for professional business blogging together.


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